"Creating a Culture of Excellence Through Workplace Learning and Performance"

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JULY 2014 Tipanan

   TOPIC: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE   SESSION BRIEF: It has been said by many Knowledge Management advocates that the biggest challenge of KM is that “majority of a company’s valuable knowledge is tacit and resists being articulated.” Knowledge resides in the minds of individuals and these individuals make their own choices about how to protect, [...]


Designing Tools for Measuring Workplace Learning and Performance Impact

Program Description:     Measurement or evaluation usually begins during the conceptualization of a program and needs to be linked to the objectives that have been set.  Results of the measures provide data-based information that enables one to establish the value and effectiveness of an activity, as well as establishes standards for accountability.  This program covers a [...]

PSTD Needs You! The 2014-2015 PSTD Election

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