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Be the Next PSTD Board of Trustee!

  As PSTD Board of Trustees: 1. You will be part of the highest governing body of the Society. 2. You will be one of the policy makers and strategic thinker who will drive the direction of the entire Learning and Development industry in the Philippines. 3. You will be one of the prime people [...]



  This is a Tipanan you can’t afford to miss!!!! One of PSTD’s pioneering members & training consultant, Eduardo “Dodie” T Cañiza, has just agreed to be our fourth panelist! Dodie knows his history. He has worked with the pillars. And he knows how training & development all started in the Philippines. You should listen [...]

PSTD Foundation Inc is now a Value-Added Tax Registered Organization

CIRCULAR   TO :  ALL MEMBERS  – PHILIPPINE SOCIETY FOR TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION INC (PSTDFI) FROM                    : TREASURER, PSTD FOUNDATION INC DATE                     : MARCH 21, 2015 SUBJECT             : PSTDFI – NOW A VAT REGISTERED ORGANIZATION =========================================================================================== The Philippine Society for Training & Development (PSTD) Foundation Inc is now a Value-Added Tax Registered Organization. Effective April [...]

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