The 8 Roles of Learning and Development Leaders during Times of Crisis – (“The Role of L&D Leaders Part 1”)

1. A Change Champion

Unlearn old habits. Embrace new ones.

2. A Multi-faceted Leader

You are not only a L&D Leader. You are also an inspirer, a coach, a counselor, an adaptor, a friend.

3. A Learning Curator

You are no longer just a facilitator, but a curator of learning goals and activities in your organization.

4.An Agile Survivor

Adapt to the challenging demand and thinking of resilience. How can you bounce back if you fail?

5. A Self-driven Learner

This is a time to learn and capacitate yourself. Gain new skills. Learn from or with others.

6. A Tech-Savvy

Be brave to experiment. Fall fast but fail smart.

7. An Emphatic Co-worker

We are in difficult situation. While you may be able to adapt, others may find it hard to cope.

8. A Champion for Inclusion

As we shift to digital learning, bear in mind those who might lack access to internet and technology.



Arthur Luis Florentin
Executive Director
Civil Service Institure

Ofelia Montallana Orcales
PSTD Past President

Jesse Francis Rebustillo
2020 PSTD Chair


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