Grand Tipanan 2023: Digital Transformation as a Strategy for Organizational Sustainability

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PSTD 2023 Grand Tipanan (“Digital Transformation as a Strategy for Organizational Sustainability”) in-person participants posed for a group picture.

The PSTD launched its first installment of Grand Tipanan on January 26, 2023, with the topic “Digital Transformation as a Strategy for Organizational Sustainability”. The event brought together L&D professionals, digital transformation experts, and practitioners to explore the most recent trends in digital transformation and their impact on organizational sustainability. The program included presentations on capability building, human-centric strategies, and sustainable digital transformation. Featured speakers are from the Nomura Research Institute, The Fourth Wall Branding and Consultancy Inc, and Asian Institute of Digital Transformation. The event was successful as it provided valuable insights for L&D practitioners on how to lead digital transformation in their respective organizations.

On January 26, 2023, PSTD launched its first installment of Grand Tipanan with the topic “Digital Transformation as a Strategy for Organizational Sustainability”. Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, digital transformation experts, and practitioners met online via Zoom and in person at the Discovery Suites Manila in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. They gathered to explore the most recent trends in digital transformation and the ways these can help L&D practitioners lead organizational sustainability that will drive financial performance, attract and retain employees, and protect organizational brand and culture. Through the leadership of the Tipanan Committee head, Lawrence Co, thoughtfully assembled topics provided valuable insights on how capability building and human-centred strategies are crucial for a successful and sustainable digital transformation.The event was hosted by Sam Mendoza Jr. who added fun to the Grand Tipanan with his wit and engaging personality. The networking opportunities at the beginning of the event, during the breaks, and in-between sessions were enjoyable through his challenge to all participants to find at least five new friends and take pictures with new acquaintances. Everyone participated and made friends along the way.

The program continued with the introduction of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee for 2023. This is to ensure that the organization is in good hands of competent, passionate, and dedicated leaders. This was further reinforced when the President Irene Marie Salinas-Isleta delivered her address on this year’s theme called #Breakthrough. In her speech, she presented the 2023 imperatives for PSTD including Transformation, Diversity, Expansion, Growth, Sustainability, and Engagement, with People and Culture at its core.

The first topic was presented by Mr. Jun Roy, HROD Consulting Head of Nomura Research Institute, with a title, “Enabling DX 3.0 (Digital Transformation) through Capability Building”. He discussed the importance of capability building in achieving both sustainability and digital transformation. He shared with the audience how the UN Sustainability Goals relate to one another and how DX 3.0 can advance these goals. Moreover, Mr. Roy highlighted how DX 3.0 can be a key enabler of customer experience, business growth, and sustainability in this digital age. Lastly, he concluded with a three-point strategy on how L&D practitioners can spearhead DX 3.0 sustainably by being a model-advocate, a capability-builder, and a culture-builder. The presentation was followed by a Reactor Session moderated by Ms. Eileen Reyes.

In the afternoon, the participants learned how to humanize technology for real sustainable digital transformation from a presentation by Dr. Dae Lee, OD Consultant & Managing Partner of The Fourth Wall Branding and Consultancy Inc. He emphasized that although organizations are aware that they must use technology to transform due to the rapid technological development, it can be challenging for them to maintain a sustainable relationship with technology, which can even lead to employee burnout. To avoid this negative effect, Dr. Dae shared how his backgrounds in the military, business, and academia helped him comprehend human behavior. This realization inspired him to propose that corporations need to be aware of their employees’ level of digital fluency. Knowing the level of digital fluency of the target learners enables L&D professionals to modify their strategy for a sustainable digital transformation. He also discussed the four approaches to sustainable digital transformation and how to use technology to help people and organizations adapt and grow. Reactor session was moderated by Joyce Celina F. Mejia.

The last topic focused on “How Human-Centric Digital Transformation Can Be a Talent Development Core Competency”. It was discussed by Roger Collantes, Founder and CEO of Asian Institute of Digital Transformation. He cautioned everyone that if business do not learn to adopt digital technology to manage customer experience, operational efficiency, and talent development, more than 40% of them may cease to exist in the next 5-7 years. He further emphasized that in today’s age of disruptive innovation and unprecedented change, L&D practitioners need to lead their digital transformation journey toward a more humane and digitally-enabled organization of the future. Furthermore, he pointed out that human-centric digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have competency for L&D practitioners but an essential survival tool to achieve organizational sustainability and talent competitiveness. The Executive Director of DTI-PTTC, Nelly Nita Dillera joined the Reactor Session, which Anna May Villaluz moderated.

The Grand Tipanan 2023 was a success and testament to all members that there will be more insightful, engaging, and relevant gatherings of L&D practitioners to expect for the year. Congratulations to the officers, Tipanan committee members, and the professional staff for this outstanding success!

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