KeepWOL is a team enhancement solution that diagnoses and optimizes teams for productivity while providing actionable insights for leaders to measure organizational health.

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Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks, Founder/CEO

(602) – 767 – 2420


Christopher Contino, Account Executive

(908) – 672 – 3582


Anoosha Trehan, Business Operations Lead

(647) – 886 – 0334

About Us

KeepWOL stands for Keep Wondering Out Loud and is an interactive platform that emphasizes cohort-based learning amongst direct teams. It uses AI-enabled gamification to engage, develop, and retain talent. Our science-backed process, delivers fun-filled experiences while providing actionable insights and people analytics that empower leaders to drive change, enhance team effectiveness, and elevate company culture.


KeepWOL effortlessly transforms any subject into an interactive storytelling game within seconds. These games not only make learning engaging and fun, but they also help teams foster a deeper understanding of complex topics, promote a sense of belonging within the group, and create meaningful human connections.

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