Mentoring is About Transformation

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“Like a butterfly I got out of my cocoon that enveloped my past. My personal transformation was enabled by Mentoring. I had mentors who pulled me out of my cocoon gave me wings to fly, and let me soar higher than I ever imagine” – Juan M. Roy | Image Source: Skipprichard

First, let us give our thumbs up to all the facilitators and the organizers for doing a great job in making this event a success. Please also share the clap icon for all of you our dear participants. This is for you and without you, this summit wouldn’t be possible.

On behalf of PSTD, I’d like to share with you an important message as we close this program.

There’s one image and one word I’d like you to remember at the end of this program that would synthesize all our learning.

That is the image of a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon. And there’s no better word to capture that moment of metamorphosis than Transformation.



I am a product of Mentoring.

I remember how I was as a kid and as a teenager – poor, shy, lacking in confidence. It was in college when, like a butterfly, I got out of my dark cocoon that enveloped my past.

But my message to you is not really about me. It’s recognizing the fact that my transformation was enabled by Mentoring. I had mentors who pulled me out from my cocoon, gave me wings, showed the splendor of the skies, and let me soar higher than I could ever imagine. Without them, I wouldn’t be here speaking to you today. And I am sure I am not the only one who has become a better person because of mentoring and of mentors. Share the thumbs-up icon from your Zoom to recognize and remember the mentors in your lives who helped you in one way or the other.



“I am because you are.”​

In few words, our esteemed panelist, Dr. Fumane of South Africa, captured the essence of what Mentoring is about.

And so it is on that note that I encourage everyone to embrace, advocate, and implement mentoring in your respective organizations. Your PSTD Mentoring Committee is more than willing to help you do that. Opo tulad ng sabi ni Angela Valenzuela ng Petron, may mapagtatanungan na po kayo (“you now have someone to help you”​).

We’ve been guided by our facilitators today about where and how we can start and succeed. Let’s do that.

We’ve been taught about the differences between Mentoring and other development activities. Let’s remember that.

And yet, when all is said and done, when we strip Mentoring of all its intricacies, complexities, and peculiarities, one thing remains constant – it is the big Why of Mentoring. It is our desire to help people and organizations experience positive transformation. And so I’d like everyone to remember that word – Transformation. That’s what we do. That’s what mentoring is about. Let’s embrace that.

Imagine the impact of positive transformation in the lives of individuals and organizations. Imagine what kind of society we will live in if everyone is and has a mentor. And when we focus on positive transformation, then that becomes the driving force of our efforts in establishing or strengthening a mentoring program in our organizations.

That’s the reason why your PSTD is focusing on elevating the practice of Mentoring in our country. Join us in this noble effort. Together let us Connect, Collaborate Contribute to advancing the practice of Mentoring in our organizations and our country.

Together, let us liberate others from their limitations and help them become beautiful butterflies so they can experience positive transformation in their lives through mentoring.

About the Writer



Jun Roy is the HR/OD Consulting Head of Nomura Research Institute – Manila Branch. NRI is a leading global private think tank, systems integrator, and management consulting from Japan with branches in the world’s major cities.

He is also currently the President of the Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD) which is the premier organization of Talent Development and L&D professionals in the Philippines.



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