Message of President Edwin Ebreo to the PSTD Members

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Dear Esteemed Members and Future Members of PSTD,

It is with profound honor and humility that I embrace the role of your President. Stepping into these shoes, I am energized by a deep sense of responsibility and excitement for the path that lies ahead for our society.
We are transitioning from the successful leadership of our past President, Irene Marie Isleta, and the dynamic 2023 Board, of which I was proudly a part. In our new board, we are fortunate to have some of the most talented and dedicated leaders, whose passion extends beyond our society to the very essence of our practice. Joined by our newly elected trustees, there is an undeniable surge of excitement as we collectively envision PSTD’s trajectory for 2024.
Our future is one of unparalleled leadership in talent development, going beyond our current achievements. Last year, we celebrated breakthroughs; this year, our mantra is to be BIGGER, BETTER, and BRIGHTER. I invite you to join us on this transformative journey.

We aim to amplify our impact with a BIGGER community, striving towards the #PSTDRoadto1k goal. We aim to forge synergistic alliances with international talent development organizations, industry, and other professional associations. Talent Development Is broad. We shall reach out to people whose work and business involve developing talents. I look forward to seeing more chapters. A BIGGER community brings a wealth of knowledge, more mentoring opportunities, enhanced best practices, and invaluable benchmarking. Echoing the words of the late PSTD President Pido Aguilar, there is an ABUNDANCE of opportunities to develop the talents of the Filipino people. We believe in collaboration over competition, and together, we will expand our reach and influence. If you’re contemplating membership, now is the perfect time to join our thriving community.

Improvement is our constant pursuit. We’re committed to elevating every aspect of our society – from enhancing member programs and benefits to enriching experiences and learning opportunities. Our collective goal is to always question how we can elevate our practice for fellow talent development professionals and make it BETTER. We shall be on the lookout for best practices and opportunities for innovation. Let’s continuously strive for excellence in everything we do at PSTD.

When I first joined PSTD, my goal was to advance my career. I soon realized that active involvement is key to unlocking our full potential. My vision is for PSTD to illuminate a path for a BRIGHTER future for all talent development practitioners. It’s our leadership skills, coupled with our subject matter expertise, that empower us to guide individuals and organizations through transformative change. I encourage you to actively participate, engage in committees, exchange ideas, and be part of the conversations that sharpen our abilities and mold us into innovative thinkers and influential leaders. My goal has evolved: not just to grow personally, but to elevate PSTD as a catalyst for all aspiring practitioners. You will find PSTD as a haven for growth, and you will want to get involved.
Remember, it takes a community to nurture talent. PSTD contributes to this mission, shaping the practice to enable career success for many. Talent Development is integral to the nation’s progress. That’s our job!

Call to Action:
If you’re not yet a member, seize this opportunity to join our vibrant community. For existing members, immerse yourself in all that PSTD offers. Be active, join committees, share your insights and efforts. Together, we will build a BIGGER, BETTER, and BRIGHTER future for PSTD and for the talent development practice in our nation.

Looking forward to our collective journey to greatness.

Warm regards,

Edwin Ebreo
President, PSTD


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