Ideal for beginners in training analysis, Level 1 establishes a strong foundation in this critical field. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts and practices in training analysis, laying the groundwork for a successful career in this domain.

  1. Begin your adventure! Enroll in our 3-day Training Analyst Certification Course, laying the foundation for your career.
  2. Conquer the pre and post-test exams, proving your knowledge.
  3. Craft your Prototype TNA and Training Evaluation Plan, showcasing your skills.
  4. Finally, bask in the glory as you receive your certification.



Tailored for those with at least one year of training analysis experience, Level 2 builds on existing knowledge and skills. This level delves deeper into sophisticated analysis techniques, allowing participants to refine their analytical capabilities and tackle complex training challenges.

  1. Take the next leap! Submit your application online, opening doors to new opportunities.
  2. Navigate the application process with self-assessment and portfolio submission.
  3. Conquer the assessment phase with a portfolio review and interview. Assessment requires evidence that you:
      • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in preparing research plans (TNA and Evaluation Plan)
      • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in analyzing data
      • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in identifying, formatting, and classifying learning and training needs
      • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in identifying strengths and areas for improvements from evaluation results
      • Demonstrated knowledge and skills and preparing reportsĀ 
  4. Finally, stand tall as you achieve certification, celebrating with the certification notice and presentation.