If you're new to training design, Level 1 offers a robust introduction, laying a solid foundation in the field. This level is tailored to beginners, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the essentials.

  1. Embark on your creative journey! Enroll in the 3-day Training Designer Certification Course, where your design skills will flourish.
  2. Submit your unique training design for assessment, highlighting your creativity.
  3. Celebrate your achievements as you receive your certification.


For those with a minimum of one year in training design, Level 2 is the ideal choice. Building upon your existing experience, this level delves deeper into advanced concepts, refining your skills and expanding your expertise.

  1. Elevate your journey! Submit your application online, unlocking advanced opportunities.
  2. Conquer the application process with self-assessment and portfolio submission.
  3. Sail through the assessment phase, including a portfolio review and interview. Assessment requires evidence that you:
      • Demonstrated capability to differentiate terminal from enabling/process objectives
      • Demonstrated capability to translate training needs into properly formatted training objectives
      • Demonstrated capability to source, select, and sequence content appropriate to the training objectives
      • Selected training methodologies that support training objectives and appropriate to the participant's profiles, venue and available time and resources
      • Demonstrated capability to prepare briefs, design matrix, facilitators guide and participant manuals
  4. Finally, cherish your certification, marked by the certification notice and presentation.