Recommended for training facilitation beginners, Level 1 focuses on developing essential facilitation skills. Participants will learn the core principles of effective facilitation, providing a solid framework for leading engaging and impactful training sessions.

  1. Step into the spotlight! Enroll in the 3-day Training Facilitator Certification Course, where you'll shine as a facilitator.
  2. Conquer the pre and post-test exams, proving your abilities.
  3. Craft a captivating demonstration video showcasing your facilitation skills.
  4. Feel the glory as you receive your certification.


Geared towards individuals with a minimum of one year of training facilitation experience, Level 2 explores advanced facilitation techniques. Participants will deepen their understanding of group dynamics, interactive methodologies, and tailored approaches to ensure successful and dynamic training delivery.

  1. Aim higher! Submit your application online, unlocking advanced facilitation possibilities.
  2. Master the application process with self-assessment and portfolio submission.
  3. Conquer the assessment phase, featuring a portfolio review and interview. Assessment requires evidence that you:
      • Demonstrated capability to stimulate and engage participant's interest in content through leveling of expectations, objective setting, and norming
      • Demonstrated capability to present content with competence, confidence, and credibility
      • Demonstrated capability to process training using a variety of training methodologies and activities
      • Demonstrated capability to develop and manage the learning environment to ensure active participation of trainees
      • Conduct formative assessment to evaluate on-going learning effectiveness¬†
  4. Finally, revel in your certification success, marked by the certification notice and presentation.