The Philippine Society for Talent Development, Inc. (PSTD) is a professional organization for practitioners in the field of Training and Development in the Philippines. It is committed to the professional development of its members as well as the development of the profession itself. As one of its flagship programs, PSTD has developed the Master Trainer Certification Program (MTCP) to help Training and Development (T&D) Professionals master the art of demonstrating the fundamentals of effective training.

A good training is a well-designed one. Positive learner experience and engagement is a product of a well-thought-out plan that aligns learning objectives with needed topics and suitable methodologies. For the Trainer or Training Designer to carry out the process of effectively designing training, they need to have a good understanding of the process and be equipped with the tools necessary for effective training design and content curation.

Hence, the “Training Design and Curation” Course is being offered to help target participants gain a deeper understanding of the whole training process, the concepts, theories, and processes, as well as the necessary skills to design and develop, that they need to familiarize with as they build their training and development career.

Course Description

This three-day course on The Training Curation and Design is designed for Learning and Development (L&D) practitioners who see the need to refine or strengthen their competency in training design. It will cover all the key elements of the training design process, using the ADDIE (Analysis-Design-Development Implementation-Evaluation) Model of Instructional Systems Development (ISD).

Learning sessions will be highly interactive and practical. Participants will be provided with opportunities to work in small groups to apply learning to develop immediately utilizable outputs following the building blocks approach.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to develop comprehensive training designs that are responsive to identified priority Learning and Development needs of individuals and organizations and compliant with a Course Design Quality Checklist.

Terminal/Performance Objectives:

By the end of the 3 days training, and given a guide, the participants will be able:

●  Create a prototype training design aligned to learning objectives, and evaluation plan to measure its effectiveness.
●  Develop Course Materials consisting of a Presentation deck, manuals and handouts that aid in facilitating learner engagement.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the shift from traditional classroom training to the Learning and Development perspective in addressing the learning needs of individuals and the business needs of organizations, and its implications on the training design process.
  • Apply key principles and conditions that support adult learning to the training design process
  • Develop terminal, enabling and session learning objectives following a set of criteria using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Objectives as reference
  • Develop a learning evaluation plan that details formative and summative evaluation tactics
  • Determine and organize content areas and learning eventsusing  either task – centered, problem-centered or topic – centered structure
  • Consolidate the elements of a training design in a coherent format using a Training Activity Plan template
  • Prepare draft presentation deck, facilitator’s guide, participants’ manual/learning aids to facilitate learner engagement
  • Review a training design for completeness and coherence using a Course Design Quality Checklist

Course Outline

Module 1:  Overview of Instructional Systems Development and the ADDIE Model

  1. Instructional System Design: What and Why
  2. The ADDIE Model
  3. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Rapid TNA

Module 2:  Developing Learning Objectives and Evaluation Plan

  1. Terminal and Enabling Objectives

                  a. Aligning Learning Objectives with the TNA Results

                  b. The Learning Objectives

– Levels of Learning
– Domains of Learning

    1. Learning Evaluation Plan

                       a. Learning Evaluation

– Levels
– Types
– Re-entry Action Planning

Module 3:  Fleshing out the Design

1. Training Activity Plan: What, Why, How

a. Developing Session/Process Objectives
b.  Identifying, Organizing, and Sequencing Learning Sessions

2. Adult Learning Methodologies

a. Deductive and Inductive Methods
b. Applications, Advantages, and Limitations

3. Course Brief Development

Module 4:  Developing Learning Materials

1. Using Learning Aids to Optimize Learning
2. Preparing Your Presentation Deck

a. Script
b. Illustration
c.  Deck Design

3. Designing a Participant’s Workbook/Worksheet
4. The Facilitator’s Guide
5. Evaluating Your Design

Learning Investment

PSTD Member : PHP 15,000.00
Non-Member :    PHP 17,000.00

VAT Inclusive, AM & PM Snacks, Lunch, Training Manual and Certificate of Completion. 


May 6-8, 2020