Facilitation Skills Training

Facilitation Skills Training is a three-day course that aims to equip the Learning and Development (L&D) professionals who see the need to refine or strengthen their competencies in facilitating an L&D function. The course will equip the L&D professional with specific knowledge, skills and tools based on global best practices and adult Learning Principles to successfully facilitate a wide range of learning methods in a learning function.The sessions will use a variety of learning methods and experiential learning activities that allow interactions during discussions.

The course also features a practical application of learning through simulation activities and participants will be guided to produce expected outputs.

A Pre-test and Post-test will assess how much learning was acquired by the participants from the course. Additionally, a re-entry plan will be prepared by the participants as a post-training output where each participant shall detail courses of action focused on transferring their learnings to their workplace and acquiring the needed competencies to qualify for Master Trainer Certification.

Learning / Enabling Objectives:

By the end of the course, the participants would have:

  • Expounded on the value, goal, and underpinning principles of learning facilitation.
  • Differentiate the roles of learning facilitators.
  • Assessed themselves vis-a-vis a set of learning facilitator attributes and identified
    areas of strength and for development.
  • Applied management of learning principles and concepts in facilitating learning.
  • Applied principles and concepts in managing the learning journey and group process.
  • Demonstrated skills in Attending, Listening, Observing, and Questioning (ALOQ).
  • Facilitated a structured learning experience based on the adult learning cycle.
  • Demonstrated steps in facilitating psychomotor learning.
  • Conducted formative learning evaluation using various mechanisms.
  • Developed a re-entry action plan for applying facilitation skills in the workplace.

Course Objectives

Module 1: Learning Facilitation Perspectives

1. Value and Goal of Learning Facilitation.
2. Assumptions about Adult Learners (by Malcolm Knowles).
3. Adult Learning Principles & Conditions (by Peter J. Horne and Gerald J. Pine).
4. Roles of a Learning Facilitator. 


Module 2: The Person of the Facilitator

1. Personal Attributes of a Facilitator.
2. Group Leadership Function Scale (by Robert Conyne). 


Module 3: Managing the Learning Journey

1. The Learning Journey – Unfreezing, Assimilation, Re-entry.
2. Stages of Group Development (Bruce Tuckman Model). 


    Module 4: The Basics of Facilitation and Managing the Group Process

    1. Attending, Listening, Observing, Questioning (ALOQ).
    2. Managing the Group Processes – Task Behaviors, Maintenance Behaviors, Self- Oriented Behaviors.
    3. Process Observation Analysis (POA) – Process versus Content.
    4. Managing Challenging Learning Situations and Behaviors.
    5. The Adult Learning Cycle (by David Kolb). 


    Module 5: Facilitating Structured Learning Experiences (SLE)

    1. Four A Model – Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, Application.
    2. Principles of Psychomotor Learning. 


    Module 6: Conducting Formative Evaluation

    1. Definition, Purpose, and Value of Training Monitoring and Evaluation.
    2. Formative versus Summative Evaluation.
    3. Levels of Evaluation (by Donald Kirkpatrick).
    4. Formative Evaluation.

    Course Objectives

    PSTD Member : Php 15,000.00
    PSTD Non – Member : Php 17,000.00

    Inclusive of VAT, AM & PM Snacks, Lunch, Training Manual and Certificate of Completion.

    Schedule: April 28-30, 2020



    HR and Learning & Development Consultant

    Hernan’s expertise in training is backed by 22 years of experience in Training and Organization Development, 18 years of which were spent in consultancy particularly in area of Customer Service Training. Prior to this Hernan was connected with different organizations involved in Sales, Marketing and Training. In 1996 Hernan joined International Customer Management Systems (ICMS), which specializes in customer service training, organization development, strategic planning and teambuilding. Clients of ICMS include Nissan Philippines Inc, Tourism Infrastructure Enterprise and Zone Authority, China Banking Corporation, Meralco, Petron, Citibank, US Embassy, IBM, Customer Frontline Solutions among others. Hernan is a Certified Trainer of Harrison Assessment and Life Orientation (LiFO).

    Hernan is an active member of the Philippine Society for Training and Development where he served as an officer from 2001-2007. He is also an accredited consultant for Innerview