The Philippine Society for Talent Development, Inc. (PSTD) is a professional organization for practitioners in the field of Training and Development in the Philippines. It is committed to the professional development of its members as well as the development of the profession itself. As one of its flagship programs, PSTD has developed the Master Trainer Certification Program (MTCP) to help Learning and Development (L&D) Professionals master the art of demonstrating the fundamentals of effective training.

Organizations have to balance quality and investment expense when it comes to developing staffing competencies. Hence, analysing and evaluating learning needs are imperative because

●  It makes good business sense to know that time and resources are spent on worthwhile activities contributing to the goals of the organization.

●  Measuring the level of competency before and after a training builds credibility of the needed by the management and contributes to the approval of training budgets.

●  It contributes to the knowledge base of the organization.

●  Lastly, it is simply the professional thing to do.

Analysis takes time and dedicated effort. Moreover, the practitioner may not be cognizant as to where to get information in the organization for a specific evaluation purpose. Conducting evaluation may appear simple but it can be a complex activity. Hence, the “Four Levels of Evaluation” Course is being offered to help target participants gain a deeper understanding of a needs-based approach to evaluation following in order to establish how a training program contributes to organizational results.

Course Description

This three-day course on the Four Levels of Evaluation is designed for Learning and Development (L&D) practitioners who see the need to refine or strengthen their competency in training evaluation. It will cover the necessary context to evaluating training programs using Donald Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation, as well as the need to align training to organizational needs using Dana Gaines Robinson’s Four Types of Needs in an Organization.

The learning sessions will use a combination of didactic and inductive approaches using lecture- discussions, cases and small group discussions, instrumentations, and workshops.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to develop an evaluation plan for a specific course in their organization according to the model provided. They shall also be able to develop a tool for gathering data to gauge training effectiveness using any of the four levels, as well as learn basic techniques in analysing qualitative and quantitative data in relation to evaluation.

Terminal/Performance Objectives:

By the end of the 3 days training, and given a guide, the participants will be able:

●  Prepare a plan to systematically evaluate a training program in their organization at four levels
●  Present strategies to measure cost and benefit, as well as return on training investment, using the appropriate tools and approaches

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, the participants would have:

●  Explain the importance of assessing the effectiveness of training programs and learning interventions against the needs of an organization
●  Differentiate approaches, evaluation designs, data collection methods, tools and analytical processes to measure:

○ Reaction
○ Learning
○ Behavior
○ Result

●  Develop basic data gathering tools for purposes of evaluating a specific training program in one of the four levels.
●  Practice data analysis techniques for quantitative and qualitative data.
●  Develop an evaluation plan guided by an evaluation logic, purpose statement and key evaluation questions

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Evaluation Concepts and Importance of Evaluating Training Programs
  • Module 2: Differentiating and Aligning Training Needs
  • Module 3: The Four Levels of Evaluation, Designs and Methods
  • Module 4: Developing Data Gathering Instruments
  • Module 5: Developing and Presenting an Evaluation Plan

Investment Rate

PSTD Member : Php 15,000.00
PSTD Non – Member : Php 17,000.00

VAT Inclusive, AM & PM Snacks, Lunch,Training Manual and Certificate of Completion. 


April 14-16, 2020