Training Fundamentals

The Essential Course for Training Design and Delivery

The Philippine Society for Talent Development, Inc. (PSTD) is a professional organization for practitioners in the field of Training and Development in the Philippines.  It is committed to the professional development of its members as well as the development of the profession itself.  As one of its flagship programs, PSTD has developed the Master Trainer Certification Program (MTCP) to help Training and Development (T&D) Professionals master the art of demonstrating the fundamentals of effective training.  In order to align all its training programs with the requirements of the certification program,  there is a need to offer developmental interventions that will help training professionals build the competencies and evidences needed to achieve certification.

Hence, the “Training Fundamentals” Course is being offered as a requisite introductory program to help target participants gain basic understanding of the whole training process, the concepts, theories and processes that they need to familiarize with as they build their training and development career.

Course Description

Training Fundamentals Course is a three (3) day foundational course that aims to introduce the concepts and principles of learning and develop the technical competencies of participants, specifically in the areas of needs analysis and assessment, instructional design and delivery, and evaluation of needs-based and learner-centered training  interventions.   Mastery of these concepts is crucial to completing the other levels of certification in the Master Trainer program.

Specifically, this course aims to introduce both a novice and a seasoned Learning Professional to key Learning principles espoused by the PSTD and best practices  in Training  and Development that employs these learning principles. The sessions will use a variety of learning methods and experiential learning activities  that will allow interactions during discussions and practical application of learning that will  allow participants to produce expected session outputs. A Pre- and Post-test  will assess how much learning was acquired by  participants from the course.  A  re-entry plan will be prepared by participants as a post-training output where participant shall detail courses of action focused on transferring their learning to the workplace and acquiring the needed competencies to qualify for Master Trainer Certification.

Learning Objectives

 By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Express appreciation of the value of Training and Development in the organization.
  • Describe the strategic significance of training with particular emphasis on aligning training with strategy, promoting training within the organization and partnering with managers and supervisors.
  • Distinguish the roles, responsibilities and competencies of an L & D professional.
  • Explain key learning theories, concepts and principles.
  • Describe  the training process and compare with other instruction design models.
  • Explain the importance of and approaches in conducting Training Needs Analysis.
  • Follow a basic training design process that includes the key elements of a well-designed training.
  • Write performance-based learning objectives.
  • Determine the considerations in selecting, organizing and scheduling content of training.
  • Determine the appropriate  learning methodologies that will increase participants’ learning.
  • Describe the different levels of training evaluation and measurement of training effectiveness.
  • Determine effective instructional materials and learning tools that will support the effective delivery of learning interventions.
  • Identify approaches in preparing for and conducting a high impact training.
  • Identify techniques in facilitating classroom learning.


Course Objectives

Module 1:  Overview of Training & Development
Module 2:  Analyzing the Need for Training
Module 3:  Training Design Process
Module 4:  Formulating Measurable Learning Objectives
Module 5:  Preparing the Key Elements of a Training Design Matrix
Module 6:  Developing Instructional Materials
Module 7:  Evaluating and Measuring Effectiveness of Learning
Module 8:  Delivering the Learning Activity
Module 9:  Integration

Investment Rate

PSTD Members: Php 15,000.00
PSTD Non-members: Php 17,000.00

Inclusive VAT, AM & PM Snacks, Lunch, Training Manual and Certificate of Completion. 


March 30-April 1, 2020

Learning Objectives

Evie H. Tadefa
Independent HR, OD and
Learning and Development Consultant.

Evie is an experienced corporate manager and leader, with a wealth of experience on organizational and people development spanning over 30 years with major corporations and government-owned agencies. Her expertise covers talent development, workplace learning and performance, strategic planning, management and leadership development, customer service, competency development, performance management, coaching and mentoring, trainers training, and team development. She started her career in training and consultancy with the Development Academy of the Philippines. Led the Training group of Digital Telecommunications and became Assistant Director for Training and OD of St. Luke’s Medical Center. For 13 years, she headed the Training and Development group of SM Retail, Inc. , and recently, as Director for Training and Development of Prime Pacific Grill Corporation. Evie holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Industrial Engineering from the Mapua Institute of Technology.

Evie is active in professional institutions, serving as volunteer in advocating OD and L&D practices:

  • She’s currently a Board of Trustees and Vice-President for Internal Affairs of the Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD)
  • She’s also a member of OD Practitioner’ Network (ODPN) since 2014

At present, Evie is an independent HR, OD and Learning and Development Consultant.