The Philippine Society for Talent Development, Inc. (PSTD) is a professional organization for practitioners in the field of Training and Development in the Philippines. It is committed to the professional development of its members as well as the development of the profession itself. As one of its flagship programs, PSTD has developed the Master Trainer Certification Program (MTCP) to help Training and Development (T&D) Professionals master the art of demonstrating the fundamentals of effective training. T&D professionals must be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) on Training Needs Analysis (TNA) in order to accurately assess gaps in current competency levels, to successfully secure buy-in from upper management, and to effectively justify and measure a return on investment for the proposed intervention.

Course Description

The Training Needs Analysis (TNA) program is a three-day course that aims to equip the Learning and Development (L&D) Professionals who find the need to refine or strengthen their competencies in preparing a TNA and Learning Evaluation plan and identify as well as develop the appropriate data gathering methodologies. The course aims to introduce the practitioner to the importance of measuring and evaluating learning. This is followed through by teaching the basics of research methodology and its place in the L&D function. It is enforced by introducing Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation, Alliger’s Augmented Levels of Effectiveness Model as a framework for the creation of an L&D Evaluation Plan. A re-entry plan will be prepared by the participants as a post-training output where each participant shall detail courses of action focused on transferring their learnings to their workplace and acquiring the needed competencies to qualify for Master Trainer Certification.

Terminal/Performance Objectives:

By the end of the 3 days training, and given a guide, the participants will be able:

    ●  Prepare a Training Needs Analysis and Learning Evaluation Plan;
    ●  Select Data gathering methodologies appropriate to the organizational Context;
    ●  Develop data gathering instruments (such as testing and assessment instruments); and
    ●  Prepare a Training Needs Analysis Report and Learning Evaluation

      Learning Objectives

      By the end of the course, the participants would have:

      ●  Identify the right TNA approach for organizational, job groups and individual levels
      ●  Connect needs and interventions with the organization’s needs
      ●  Identify methods that will be employed in conducting the TNA
      ●  Explain the steps in communicating TNA Findings
      ●  Develop a sample TNA report and communication plan
      ●  Explain the importance of assessing the effectiveness of training programs and learning interventions against the needs of an organization
      ●  Differentiate approaches, evaluation designs, data collection methods, tools and analytical processes to measure the levels of evaluation
      ●  Develop an evaluation plan guided by an evaluation logic, purpose statement and key evaluation questions

      Course Outline

      • Module 1: Introduction to Learning Measurement and Evaluation
      • Module 2: Theories, Concepts and Applications
      • Module 3: Training Needs Analysis Plan and Report
      • Module 4: Data Gathering Methodologies
      • Module 5: Tests and Assessment Instrument Development
      • Module 6: Learning Evaluation Plan and Report
      • Module 7: Integration / Action Planning

        Learning Investment

        PSTD MEMBER:  Php 15,000.00
        NON – MEMBER:  Php 17,000.00

        VAT Inclusive, AM & PM Snacks, Lunch,Training Manual and Certificate of Completion. 


        February 26-28, 2020


        Ma. Maya Lyn H. Bañez
        HR and Learning & Development Consultant

        Maya Banez is an Independent Consultant in the field of Human Resource and Organization Development. She had twenty-five (25) years of solid, hands-on experience in the field of workplace learning and performance improvement. Her sixteen (16) years in the human resource and organization development function of an organization was with Philippine Airlines. Her last fifteen (15) years were spent providing training and organization development consulting and training services to business, government and academe as a professional independent consultant. Workplace learning and performance improvement programs designed include training programs on personal effectiveness for women workers (sponsored by the International Labor Organization through the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines), trainer development courses, management and supervisory courses, strategic planning and teambuilding.

        Between 2008 and 2014 she provided technical advice to the Department of Education as part of a team contracted by the Australian Aid for International Development in the design of systems and the restructuring of the organization. This included designing programs and interventions to help the organization manage the change process.
        She has been involved with the Philippine Society for Training and Development since the 1980s and participated in Convention and Committee works. She volunteered in the PSTD project with the national government in 1987 when PSTD members facilitated teambuilding workshops as its contribution to nation building.  In 2004 and 2005 she served in the Board as Secretary.  She graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (UP 1981, Cum Laude) and earned graduate units in Social Psychology and in Business