PSTD as Community of Learning, and the Joy of Sharing

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Generosity and readiness to share are critical in building a successful learning community in the field of talent development. The Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD) believes strongly in the power of sharing, and as an organization, it is committed to building a community that fosters the exchange of tools, templates, and resources. This article explains why PSTD values sharing so much and discusses how members can contribute to this communal effort. The Value of Generosity in Talent Development

Talent development is an ever-evolving field that benefits from continuous growth and collaboration. By embracing the spirit of generosity, professionals in the industry contribute to the collective knowledge and enhance the capabilities of their fellow practitioners. Sharing tools, templates, and resources not only empowers individuals who are still learning the ropes but also strengthens the practice as a whole. When experts are generous with their expertise, the entire talent development community thrives.

The Joy of Sharing in the PSTD Community

The Philippine Society for Talent Development is committed to fostering a culture of sharing among its members. Recognizing that generosity comes with the territory of talent development, PSTD actively encourages its members to contribute to the collective learning experience. By sharing their tools and resources, members uplift one another and create an environment of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

How to Share in the PSTD Community

If you are a member of PSTD and are feeling generous, you can actively participate in the community’s growth by following these simple steps:

  1. Click this link: and scroll down to the “Tools, Templates, and Resources” section.
  2. Click the link to log on to the PSTD Learning Experience Platform (LXP). This will take you to the forum page.
  3. Click “Add Discussion Topic” to open the interface for creating a new topic.
  4. Type the subject of the new topic and provide instructions on how to use the tool or resource you wish to share. Feel free to add any additional notes or insights you believe would benefit fellow members.
  5. You have two options for sharing your file: you can either attach it directly or paste a link from a cloud folder so that members can download it easily.

Note: If you encounter any difficulties during this process, the professional staff at PSTD are ready to assist you. You can send a message to Norman or Nathan, and they will be more than happy to help you with this task.

The act of sharing delivers immense benefits to both the individual practitioner and the collective community in the field of talent development. PSTD understands the power of generosity and actively encourages its members to contribute to the professional development and learning of their colleagues. PSTD members build a collaborative, innovative, and continuous improvement environment by exchanging tools, templates, and resources. If you are a member of the PSTD community, embrace the joy of sharing and contribute to the collective learning experience of our talent development community.

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