PSTD is READY to take off to the FUTURE

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Thank God, it’s TODAY!

Today marks a significant milestone in PSTD history as 2022 BOTs gather to co-create the future of learning and development. Our 2022 President elect Rommel Ancheta opened the session and highlighted the importance of looking ahead to prepare for the uncertainty. This would be possible if everyone in the community is able to listen to the beat of the drum and move as ONE.

“Today is January 22, 2022, the start of the foundation of the new BOT. We will march together as One Team towards the direction of elevating the One PSTD in the next decade with One Mind and One Heart. To create the future, we do it here and now.” – President Rommel Ancheta

This 2022 Strategic Planning is extraordinary, as it started with a session on Team Coaching facilitated by Ms. Te Benitez and Ms. Ana Ruby Palma from Leadership in Motion. Using Shared Leadership Disciplines and Action Reflection Learning, this session has helped the BOTs to get deeper into the iceberg of the team. They connected, collected, collaborated, challenged, and contracted towards a stronger and better #ONE BOT, #ONE PSTD.

The second part of the Strategic Planning was facilitated by Mr. Jose Decolongon, Managing Director and Head Senior Consultant for Corporate Foresight of Embiggen Consulting and Professor of Futures Thinking at the Asian Institute of Management. During this session, BOTs collaborated in painting the future of Learning and Development. They have shared remarkable strategies and insights in creating positive changes that would ultimately contribute to the success of Talent Development in the country.

PSTD will continue to EQUIP, ENGAGE, AND ELEVATE Talent Development Professionals in the community towards a more sustainable future. Cheers to a brighter and stronger 2022, PSTD Community!

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